Oh, Cascadia…

“Cascadia” spans Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Western Canada. The Cascadia Independence Movement aims to foster connections and a sense of place within the Pacific Northwest. It also strives to counter pending environmental and socioeconomic problems. Most noteworthy of its ideals are: privacy, civil liberties, environmentalism, freedom, and local food networks. A peaceful cross-border, community-building concept is at the movement’s heart.

Cascadia Independence Movement flag - Doug Flag
The flag of Cascadia designed by Alexander Baretich

The Cascadia Independence Movement defined:

“Cascadia is a bioregion that defines the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada, incorporating British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, parts of Idaho, southern Alaska and northern California, and in many ways is geographically, culturally, economically and environmentally distinct from surrounding regions. It’s defined through the watersheds of the Columbia, Fraser and Snake River valleys. It is a place in the world with unique flora and fauna, topography, geology and is comprised of a interconnected ecosystems and watersheds.

Cascadia is also a growing social and cultural movement. It is used to define a unique regional character found within the Pacific Northwest, and extends to a wide range of beers (Cascadia Dark Ale), sports (the Cascadia Cup) and music (Cascadian Black Metal) just to name a few. The idea has since been adopted by a wide range of researchers who highlight the growing importance of regional growth management, environmental planning, economic cooperation, as well as disaster preparedness. Support for the idea also comes from institutions and businesses such as the Bullit Foundations ‘Cascadia Center’, the adoption of the Cascadia Megaregion by federal policy makers, and the tectonic Cascadia Subduction Zone.” – Cascadia Now

Other references:

My favorite resource on this topic comes from Ryan C. Moothart’s excellent book Towards Cascadia – which is available in paperback.

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