CASCADIA PIPER - Portland Funeral Bagpiper, Washington Oregon Piper

Festive piping at a birthday celebration.

Cascadia Piper

Bagpiper For Hire:

Funerals and Weddings – Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Salem, OR

Performing throughout the Pacific Northwest

(503) 960-5599

John Goff is a second-generation bagpiper and has performed at hundreds of weddings, funerals, celebrations and parties. As a competitive bagpiper since 1984, John has won numerous prizes in bagpipe band and solo competitions. He is one of the most prolific pipers in the Portland area having played 82 times last year at events throughout the west coast – from Vancouver, BC to California’s Bay Area. John brings his passion for piping, traditional attire, and exacting standards to every performance and event. John Goff is a Portland bagpiper for hire available at short notice.

Please feel free to call about any inquiries you might have. Bagpiping is a service to the community that shouldn’t be hindered. I strongly feel whether working with end of life events to the celebration of a child that all should at least have the chance to have bagpiping at their events. John – 503.960.5599

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