90’s Naill chanters and current tuning

I’ve been playing Naill chanters (and bagpipes, though I’m currently playing vintage Henderson’s) since the late ’80s and have always had good luck with them. I currently use G1 platinum reeds and they seem to match up pretty well with the Naill chanters. I’ve asked around to see other’s opinions and for the most part have been told that the chanter would tune lower than my band chanters since bands are normally pitched higher than solo competitors. Switching between my band chanter and solo chanter, the bagpipes tune pretty much the same on the pins of my drones which means they are the same tuning. They both sound good so I’m guessing that Naills have always been pitched a little high.It would be interesting to see all makes and models of chanter’s to get a side by side comparison. Naill Chanters