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“I work for Wilhelms Portland Memorial and we hired John Goff, a Portland OR bagpiper, to play at our annual Memorial Day Celebration. He was flexible, adaptable and accommodating during the hiring process. Pricing was VERY reasonable. During the Celebration, John’s traditional attire alone was a show stopper! Then he played his pipes. Everyone with in earshot had goosebumps. He is talented, reverent, respectful, and all around pleasure to work with! He is now our only Piper we recommend and we look forward to many years of collaboration. I ? percent recommend him for all occasions. Funerals, birthdays, festivals, you name it, he can do it!” – Laura Marriott

John has been a professional bagpiper in the Portland, Oregon area as well as San Diego, California for the past 35 years. John has won numerous prizes for solo and band competitions all over the US (at the age of 16 winning the the Campbell Naismith Pibroch award with Eric Rigler adjucting cemented John’s future as a solid piper in the SoCal area.) John has gone on to play with the Grade 2 pipe band Portland Metro Pipe Band and The Camerons Grade 2 Pipe Band. John is a fully insured and licensed bagpiper.

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