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John has been a professional bagpiper in the Portland, Oregon area as well as San Diego, California for the past 34 years. John has won numerous prizes for solo and band competitions all over the US (at the age of 16 winning the the Campbell Naismith Pibroch award with one of the world’s greatest pipers adjucating Eric Rigler cemented John’s future as a great in the SoCal area.) John has gone on to play with the Grade 2 pipe band Portland Metro Pipe Band and The Camerons Grade 2 Pipe Band. John is currently writing many bagpipe tunes and enjoying playing many gigs through-out the Pacific Northwest area. John is the only fully insured and licensed bagpiper in the area and the only true professional to play bagpipes for a living.

John is thankful for the support and kindness from many of his business associates and friends.

Thanks to the vision of Campbell Naismith for his direction and help throughout the years. Campbell has published many books of original bagpipe tunes that are definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to Cameron Wylie for the great advice and brilliant craftsmanship on reboring my pipes. I have the honor of owning 2 sets that Cameron resized and super finished and to say they aren’t a different animal is an understatement.

Thanks to Shepard Fairey and all at OBEY/SNO for all of the support over the years.

Thanks also to Brent Asbury for his many contributions on the various projects I’ve done over the years. His patience and adherence to detail have been a boon to all my projects.

John Goff has been a musician and creative force since 1984. He’s been featured in films, television, video games, and many many recording projects. He’s produced and recorded over 50 records. He currently is working with the artist Shepard Fairey, known to the world by the many iconic images he’s made from the “Hope” Obama image to the Women’s March. Shepard and John manage and co-produce The NØISE Project. John also works with his brother to produce the musical project SSI and John also manages a print publishing company Serigraphic Systems Inc.

You can follow John on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cascadiapiper/
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Thanks to Kirk and Tom from Sherpa for helping out and hosting the Cascadia Piper website.

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