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John is thankful for the support and kindness from many of his business associates and friends.

Thanks to the vision of Campbell Naismith for his direction and help throughout the years. Campbell has published many books of original bagpipe tunes that are definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to Cameron Wylie for the great advice and brilliant craftsmanship on reboring my pipes. I have the honor of owning 2 sets that Cameron resized and super finished and to say they aren’t a different animal is an understatement.

I am in debt to the individuals and organizations that make up the Scottish Highland bagpiping community. In particular I would like to point out Micah Babinski, Cameron Highlanders, Clan Macleay, Matthew Welch, and Murray Huggins.

If you are in the market for pipes I fully endorse Colin Kyo Bagpipes. Murray’s attention to detail is going to make every set he produces cherished for many generations to come. I proudly play a Colin Kyo chanter that has an incredible sound and Murray has adorned it with his hand engraved sterling silver that is beyond words.

Thanks to Shepard Fairey and all at OBEY/SNO for all of the support over the years.

Thanks also to Brent Asbury for his many contributions on the various projects I’ve done. His patience and adherence to detail have been a boon.

John Goff has been a musician and creative force since 1984. He’s been featured in films, television, video games, and many many recording projects. He’s produced and recorded over 50 records. He currently is working with the artist Shepard Fairey, known to the world by the many iconic images he’s made from the “Hope” Obama image to the Women’s March. Shepard and John manage and co-produce The NØISE Project. John also works with his brother to produce the musical project SSI and John also manages the print publishing company Serigraphic Systems Inc.

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Thanks to Gabe Storm for creating so many great images and being such an amazing web guru. is the way to go for all of your web design needs.

Thanks to Kirk and Tom from Sherpa for helping out and hosting the Cascadia Piper website.