TESTIMONIALS - Cascadia Piper

(all of these reviews are from the Cascadia Piper google page)

John is an amazing bagpiper! He played for my father-in-laws memorial and it was incredible. Professional and very easy to work with. John created a very comfortable feeling in the room and his personality and compassion really made a huge impact on guests. I would highly recommend John Goff to anyone! – Gabe S.

I used John’s bag piping services for my father’s funeral. It was the perfect touch for the occasion and a beautiful send off for my pops. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. – Branden P.

John played at our August Wedding at the Nordic Northwest Cultural Center in SW Portland. We had him lead a procession of all the guests from the gathering place down to the clearing behind the building. He stood in attendance for the relatively short ceremony, then led everyone back up to the terrace outside where he played a couple of upbeat reels. His performance set a great mood, his regalia was impeccable, the guests loved it, and technically his musical skills seemed perfect.

He has a great traditional repertoire, made some recommendations about what to play, and generally added greatly to the spirit of the occasion.

Communication with him beforehand was clear and direct and easy. Very professional. Would highly recommend him for anyone considering a piper for a special occasion! – Mark W.

John Goff is an expert Scottish bagpiper and came in full Highland piper dress for a friend’s funeral. His rendition of Amazing Grace was especially heartfelt and moving. Professional and courteous for this solemn occasion. Highly recommend. – Sean B.

John played bagpipes for my boyfriend’s birthday party, which required great timing as it was a surprise. He was prompt, professional, and on point. It was an incredible addition to the occasion and really served to make it an especially meaningful evening. Thank you for being a key part our celebration! – Erika S.

I had reached out to John, assisting a client in finding a very last minute bagpiper for a funeral happening 2 hours from the time I had been contacted by the client. Immediately wanting to assist with this, I reached out to John, who immediately went into mode of wanting to assist as well. He was luckily available and right in the city that the client was in. It was perfect. His response time was instant, kept in communication promptly with me, and we were able to get the client booked with him for this last minute request! I am so happy with John, would highly recommend him, and felt like we both were heroes of the day!! I couldn’t be more appreciative and the services went wonderful. Thanks John! – Chantel S.

Mr. Goff is a the rare combination of a truly professional, world-class artist with a compassionate heart and a hauntingly beautiful, distinctive musical style. I have had the memorable pleasure of experiencing John transform and elevate the mood of very special gatherings for many years – his gift has lent a timelessness, dignity and beauty to the most important moments in the lives of friends and family. I cannot thank John enough for those moments or recommend him more highly. – Bryan N.

John was great to work with and his bagpipe skills are phenomenal. His music created excitement and a wonderful spirit for the wedding party and guests as his sounds were the first heard for this event. His festive tunes will be fondly and forever recalled! – Molly M.

John showed up on time and adeptly handled my surprise sendoff for a group of guys heading to Scotland. His skilled playing of Amazing Grace brought tears. – Lynne J.